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Water Sinks Cave Preserve

All visitors to the Water Sinks Cave Preserve require a permit and waivers signed in advance. The BCCS is assisting the landowners by managing the permit, waiver, and access process.

Get your permit and sign your waiver before you visit.

Apply for a permit two weeks before your trip here.
Sign waivers one week before your trip here.

The Preserve

The Water Sinks Cave Preserve contains a number of interesting caves, unique geology, and walking trails. The caves include Owl Cave (formerly Siphon 1 and Siphon 2), Water Sinks Cave, Water Sinks Subway, and Helictite Cave.

Each visit to the preserve, including underground caving trips and above ground walking, requires a new permit and a new waiver signed by each person.. The permit needs to list every person in the group visiting the preserve, and every person needs to sign a waiver. The permit and waiver process happens in advance via email and the internet. Internet access is extremely limited in the area so complete the process well before your visit. Permits are issued and waivers are checked by a small team of volunteers who can not monitor requests instantly, so please being the process two weeks before your trip.

Special Use Authorization

Special authorization will be required for any diving in any of the caves. All dive trips must be approved by the Water Sinks management team in advance. All cave divers must have cave diver certification issued by a recognized certification agency.

Any cave or surface modification projects (including digging, bolting or drilling) will have to be approved by the Water Sinks management team. Persons proposing a modification project shall submit a plan to the managers detailing how they plan to modify the site and remediate their impacts. The Water Sinks management team must get approval from the property owners before any proposed surface modification project may be approved.


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