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The Butler Cave Conservation Society is dependent on contributions from you—and dues from members—to continue the conservation and preservation of caves and karst, primarily in the Burnsville Cove area of Bath and Highland Counties in Virginia. The unique character of the work of the BCCS, as well as the mystery and beauty of Virginia's underground treasures will be enriched by your generosity.

Several options are listed on the next page for your donation. The BCCS prefers that you direct your donation to our unrestricted General Fund, so that decisions as to how funds are used can be made by the Board of Directors to meet whatever current needs exist. If you wish to restrict your donation, the society currently manages three donor restricted funds; the Land and Cave Acquisition Fund, the Scientific and Educational Projects Fund, and the Capital Improvements Fund. Please contact us if you need additional information about these funds. We would also be happy to discuss other restrictions, bequeaths, or other financial support issues with you.

The Butler Cave Conservation Society, Inc. is tax-exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and recognized by the IRS as an organization eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. The BCCS is also registered as a charitable organization by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, and a copy of the society’s financial statement is available upon written request from that department’s Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs, or from the BCCS Treasurer. Contact the treasurer at treasurer@butlercave.org or at the address below.

To donate by check, make it payable to the Butler Cave Conservation Society, Inc., and mail it to

Alex Malone, Treasurer
9804 Solar Course
Laurel, MD 2073


To donate via PayPal, use the yellow button below. We will appreciate your checking the box on the next page to share your mailing address with the BCCS; we need to know at least your state of residence in order to comply with your state’s solicitation laws.


Please do not use this Donate button for paying dues. PalPal has different rules for donations and dues, and you will create problems for our Treasurer. Members can go to the members page for information on paying dues online.