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Thank you from Dave Kohuth

I remember it was a few years ago that my Engineering brain ran the numbers and targeted this day “out in the future”. I mentioned the dual anniversaries to Gregg Clemmer and wound up with a job. The initial proposal to the Society happened almost immediately so that we could get ready. That was back in 2004. Who ever thought that we would get here? There is a tremendous effort that goes into preparing an event such as this and many people deserve a word of thanks.

First and foremost, Mother Nature, for providing Butler Cave and the other caves of the Cove. This was the primary motivation for being here but it has grown into much, much more. True to her feminine ways, Mother Nature didn’t just give us Butler Cave. Ike Nicholson and the others mentioned on this plaque had to look and then the adventure began. The fairest of maidens never surrenders without a chase and we do so love that chase!

In no particular order, thanks to:

Kathy Haverly – wearables, attendance, ongoing Newsletters, large “borehole” edition
Scott Olson – beverages and commemorative mugs
Jeff Uhl – banquet (jeez, just one word but a huge task)
Gregg Clemmer – entrance dedication, Governor’s proclamation, and a big ETC.
Phil Lucas – signs and a revival of the Cove mapping effort (on-going)
Phil and Charlotte Lucas – availability of the Owl Cave Meadow for overflow camping
Frank Marks – mowing the meadow and video work
Jean Vargas – attendance and banquet
Ed Keyes – BCCS monument and Butler entrance plaque installation
Nancy Gibson – the money to proceed and attendance
Tony Canike – the 50/40 web site
Al Grimm – sanitary facilities and grounds maintenance
Duane Martin – picnic tables and benches
Will White – leading the effort to chronicle the legacy of the Cove. The Burnsville Book is being compiled by a team of writers and editors who would be getting nowhere without Will at the helm.
Maret Maxwell – member information questionnaire
Keith Wheeland – Cove history and member information questionnaire
Boy Scout Troop 747 from Richmond, Virginia – grounds and Homestead clean-up

Special thanks: This is from me to Uncle Gregg and Uncle Phil. Your time, yourcaring and your wisdom were invaluable commodities. Thanks.

All y’all – for your part in this long strange trip and for being here with us today

Dave Kohuth
50/40 Chair
May 2008