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Thank you from Gregg Clemmer

Members and Friends:

I have heard nothing but good words and praises from those who showed up in the Cove to commemorate the discovery of Butler Cave. First, the weather was perfect. Clear, sunny, zero humidity. Registrants officially numbered 142. Saturday evening's BBQ loaded up nearly 200 plates. Campers found the grounds clean, dry, accessible, and mowed. Action verbs popped up from the Homestead like the sandstone float we once dug there: Caving. Photographing. Joking. Eating. Imbibing. Reminiscing. Meeting. Laughing. Hiking. Exploring. Jawing. Playing. And always, Grinning.

And instead of walls, patios, and fire rings, we built friendships, laid foundations, and fired imaginations.
It was a time for fun...and a time to reflect. Yet as we departed for our respective homes when it was over, we knew it was a bit more than that.

Burnsville Cove is one of those special places we harken to when we "need to get away." Some of us have been doing this for decades. A few of us finally moved there. Know that all of you are good stewards of the land. Above and below ground.

Many of our guests were stunned at the changes to 1) the grounds, 2) the Homestead, 3) the Nicholson Entrance Hillside, 4) the "improved" road, and 5) each other! Whether they visited the cave or spent most of their week end around the fire ring and stone patio, everyone seemed to have a great time.

I would like to thank each of you who helped make this possible. Like any serious expedition deep underground, this was a team effort putting the welcome mat out for all those who love Butler Cave.

With sincere thanks,

Gregg Clemmer
May 29, 2008
BCCS President