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Science in the Burnsville Cove


Interesting Potential Research Projects in the Burnsville Cove

Will White, a long time BCCS member, cave explorer, and Geosciences Professor Emeritus at Penn State, put together a list of research projects that could be conducted in the Burnsville Cove for presentation at the October 1, 2016 BCCS Annual Business Meeting. Here are his slides and a writeup on the potential science Dr. White has suggested.

BCCS Future Science slides Will White Feb 2017

BCCS Future Science Will White Feb 2017


Sinking Creek Grant

The Butler Cave Conservation Society is proud to announce a new science grant program, the Sinking Creek Grant, has been established in 2016. The first grant in this program was awarded in February 2017 to Dr. Jenn Macalady, et al., to support their microbial cave slime research.

The Sinking Creek Grant Program is a new science initiative of the Butler Cave Conservation Society, Inc. (BCCS). Its purpose will be to provide small monetary grants, typically on the order of a few hundred dollars, to help defray costs associated with carrying out cave and karst science research in and around the Burnsville Cove, Virginia.



Major Publications on the Burnsville Cove

The Burnsville Cove Symposium, National Speleological Society Bulletin 44, 1982.

The Caves of the Burnsville Cove, Virginia. Cave and Karst Systems of the World, Springer Publishing Switzerland, 2015.

[The website editor welcomes any additions or corrections to this list.]